Hold Me
by Wished Bone
from Sap Season

by Fraternal Twin
from Cloudsong

Burnt O
by Free Lunch
from Dumbwaiter

Affect Me
by Melody English
from Melody

Boy Next Door
by Test Subjects
from Study

by Spencer Radcliffe
from If I Knew How

by Hovvdy
from Peach Bloom Records’ Lonestar Compilation

Where It Goes
by Trace Mountains
from Where It Goes

Crooked Pictures
by E.M. King
from why do you hate sleep?

Yesterday’s Toy by Shallowhalo
from No Fun

by Symbol Soup
from Slow Puncture

by Maripool
from It All Comes At Once

by Aaberg
from Lacewing

Tiny Little FIFA Men by Fabricators
from Superyacht

Soft Stomach
by Slo Jacks
from Slo Jacks

Strange Houses
by Glazer
from Civilian Whiplash

by Raul Gonzalez
from Wanderer

by Zachary Backdrop
from Jewellery

Good Day
by Away Fans
from Good Day

To Relate
by Luah
from To Relate

by Olivia Nowadays
from My Plants Are Hanging on by a Thread

by Trochee Trochee
from Penguin Classics

Hell Palm
by Spowder
from Split 7”

Underneath The Chatter
by Old Smile
from Glued


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