I’ve been mastering music for more than ten years now, working with hundreds of artists from nearly every genre and from around the world.

The studio features a collection of my favorite analog and digital tools, in an incredibly accurate and neutral full-range listening environment. 

When not mastering or playing shows, I work at NYU’s Department of Music and Performing Arts as the Audio / Video Supervisor. There I teach, design and engineer audio and projections for hundreds of events a year in four performance spaces.


Please send digital mixes to nick@boltonsound.com in a zip file via download link.

Mixes should be at least 24 bit and at the original session’s sample rate. Mix bus processing is okay, but please remove any brick wall limiters and ensure you have enough headroom to avoid digital clipping.

Please also include any alternate mixes you need mastered.

Contact me to arrange delivery of mixes on physical media.


Mastering rates are based on the total track count of your project.


Projects aren’t complete until artists are entirely happy with their masters.

2 - 3
4 - 6
7 +

DDP Image
Alternate versions
$ 75 / song
$ 60 / song
$ 55 / song
$ 50 / song

$ 50 / album
$ 10 / song
Preview masters are first sent to receive artist feedback.

Upon approval, masters are delivered as both 44.1khz / 16 bit and 96khz / 24 bit WAV files for digital release via download link.

Encoding metadata, sequencing, edits, noise reduction and revisions are included. Mix evaluations throughout the production process are also always free.

Pricing can be flexible, if money’s tight let me know and we'll work something out.

Additional high resolution files are included for alternate versions and DDP Image if ordered.

Turnaround averages about one week for full length albums, usually less for EPs and singles. If you need masters quicker ask me about rush availability.

illustrations by Nick Corbo

studio photos by Greg Maka 

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