studio has been updated since photos, see below


Dutch & Dutch 8C Monitors, Trinnov ST2 Pro Optimizer, Audeze LCD-X Headphones (vegan), Extensive custom and GIK Acoustics bass trapping and diffusion


Lynx Hilo AD/DA Converter, Dangerous Music AD+ Converter, Avenson Mid-Side R Analog MS Matrix, Yamaha KX-1200 Cassette Deck (restored), Realistic Lab-400 Direct Drive Turntable (restored), Mogami Gold Cabling (custom)


Manley Massive Passive Equalizer, Manley Variable Mu Compressor (mastering version), Rupert Neve Designs Master Buss Processor, Bettermaker Mastering Equalizer, Maselec MDS-2 High Frequency Limiter, Bereich03 Density Saturation Processor


Steinberg Wavelab Pro 11, Izotope RX9 Audio Repair Software, Plugins from DMG Audio, Weiss, FabFilter, Tone Projects, Leapwing Audio, Tokyo Dawn Labs, Izotope + many more

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