studio has been updated since photos, see below


Dutch & Dutch 8C Monitors, Trinnov ST2 Pro Optimizer, Audeze LCD-X Headphones (vegan), Extensive Custom and GIK Acoustics Bass Trapping and Diffusion


Lynx Hilo AD/DA Converter, Dangerous Music AD+ Converter, Avenson Mid-Side R Analog M/S Matrix, Yamaha KX-1200 Cassette Deck (restored), Realistic Lab-400 Direct Drive Turntable (restored), Mogami Gold Cabling (custom)


Manley Massive Passive Equalizer, Rupert Neve Designs Master Buss Processor, Bettermaker Mastering Equalizer, Bettermaker Mastering Limiter 2.0, Maselec MDS-2 High Frequency Limiter, High Voltage Audio EQ6S Equalizer


Steinberg Wavelab Pro 12, Izotope RX10 Audio Repair Software, Weiss EQ1 and DS1 MK3, Plugins from DMG Audio, Tone Projects, Leapwing Audio, Tokyo Dawn Labs, FabFilter, Izotope + many more

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